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Tilly trousers premium canvas sand Discontinued


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Product information "Tilly trousers premium canvas sand Discontinued"

Discontinued, only while stocks last

The "Tilly" trousers are cut in the style of the 17th century. They are decorated with lavish buttons and tied 3/4 long beneath the knee.

Material: Premium canvas
Size: S-XXL

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Tilly trousers wool grey Discontinued
Discontinued, only while stocks last"Tilly" is a pair of calf-length trousers that are cut in the style of the 17th century and thus ideally suited for "cloak-and-dagger" characters. Their generous, light cut does not only lend a great deal of mobility in combat but also makes it comfortable to wear even in summer, while the soft wool material also warms on colder days. The trousers may be closed by means of finely crafted ornamental buttons and tied beneath the knees using sturdy strings.Material: Wool (70 % wool, 20 % polyester, 10 % viscose)Size: S-XXL

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Joerg doublet black/red
Discontinued, only while stocks last The "Jörg" doublet is a bicoloured, slit jacket made along historical patterns of the legendary lansquenet mercenaries. It is not certain, where this fashion originated from, but historians suggest, that lansquenets started cutting their clothing, for it was too tight for them to fight in them. This is, how this fashion came along with the famous mercenaries. The doublet is elaboratly cut and made from robust, high quality canvas material. It allows a very free movement when fighting. The five antiqu finished brass buttons in the front allow the doublet to be closed on cooler days. The lacing along the sleeves leads to the typical buffy look of the lansquenet fashion. This doublet may not only be used for the reenactment of lansquenet, they are also well suited for nobility, merchants or pirates costumes. Material: 100% cottonSizes: S – XXL

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Tilly trousers wool brown Discontinued
Discontinued, only while stocks lastThe "Tilly" trousers are cut in the style of the 17th century. They are decorated with lavish buttons and tied 3/4 long beneath the knee. Material: WoolSize: S-XXL

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